"Each piece of work I create is made with intention.  I take my time in creating so that I may enjoy the process and produce my best work.  You should work with me because I will put care and thought into the pieces I make for you.  I take my craft seriously and I am only going to get better and better."
Logo Design
A logo is a unique symbol that distinguishes your brand from the rest.  It draws in the attention of potential customers and/or clients.  A logo design that is effective sets the tone and the vibe for your brand.
Allow me assist you being intentional about the foundation of your brand's identity.  The journey begins with a questionnaire and ends with an original logo that will allow you to connect with your target audience.  Understand that this is a process and to get the most out of it, rushing is not recommended.  If you're ready to get started, CLICK HERE.
Content Creation
Are you tired of creating your own social media content and need a designer to handle it for you?  No problem!  Let me handle that for you.  I can create content for any of your social media needs.  Contact me today!
Flyer Design
Planning a virtual or in-person socially distant event?  You need a graphic that will capture attention and draw in your desired crowd.  Allow me to create that FLYer (cause trust, it will be FLY if I do it) for you. Contact me today!
"Nikki J. Edits is amazing! Not only did she deliver 2 days ahead of schedule, her customer service was amazing, she asked questions and followed up and she NAILED my graphic design desires! I highly recommend her for your next project! She won’t disappoint!"
"Love how seamless and thoughtful the logo design process is! I got exactly what I wanted but didn't know I needed when I first started and i'm so happy with the design."
"Working with Nikki has been a complete joy. Not only is she extremely professional but she's also very honest when giving input. Nikki also listens to your options and offers a lot of suggestions. I love the various of choices that she allows you to choose from before making an final decision. As I worked with Nikki she definitely went up and above to provide great service. I would definitely recommend her creative services to anyone in need."
Thank you!
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